I have not been giving this blog much love recently, life has been quite busy. I moved out of my wonderful house share and into a flat with my wonderful boyfriend, which was pretty involved. At around the same time, I made a life decision.

I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my life and I realised that I did not really enjoy working in an office. This was a shock to me. I would say that I am an introverted person, so I thought the ability to sit at a desk, stick my headphones in and work would suit me perfectly. There was also an unlimited supply of tea, and I had a group of friends to sit with at lunch. Basically perfect, right?!

But once the novelty wore off of chain drinking tea and listening to a sneaky podcast when work was quiet, I felt a bit restless. The desk chair felt uncomfortable. Not seeing how clients put my hard work to use was starting to feel unfulfilling, and the technology I was becoming more knowledgeable about was not exciting to me. It wasn’t an industry I was interested in, and sometimes I would look around the office and at the people typing away and think, I’m not sure about this.

So, I knew I had to have a rethink. Having a bit of experience is a great help when trying to decide on jobs. I had a think about what I had liked about my previous jobs and how I could recreate that.

I thought about when I worked in a library. I enjoyed creating resources and building a rapport with the students and teachers. Plus, even when I did not have a great day, it was nice to know that my job was helping people achieve whatever qualification they were working towards. I thought about my current job, and the thing I do really enjoy is explaining things to people when they get stuck with the technology. Then I remembered that I started this blog because I missed learning about science.

I thought about all this in a 10 minute pocket of time one morning after I had woken up. When my boyfriend woke up I looked at him, I think I’ve had an epiphany, I said. I want to be a science teacher!

Then I wrote the personal statement, did some school experience, went to a few interviews and a couple months later I had offers from 3 providers. Almost everything has fallen into place. I just need my DBS check to come back all clear and for student finance to get back to me and confirm that they’ll pay the tuition fees. I am one of those people who imagines all the things that could go wrong, especially now that I have handed in my notice and booked a holiday for the time in between finishing work and starting the course. But I am trying my best to not freak out about what could happen if it all goes to pot. I’ll figure it out!

As science teachers have to teach all 3 sciences, I have some revision to do! I’ll be specialising in Physics, but I haven’t learnt Biology for 10 years! BBC Bitesize has been a great help. It would surely make sense for me to write blog posts about the interesting things I unearth when I revise and eventually plan lessons. If I can organise myself, that would be a great way to get back into blogging.